Klinik Medilab realizes the importance of providing the best service to customers while providing good facilities and results. Therefore, Klinik Medilab conducted service excellence training in order to equip and educate all employees how to serve customers wholeheartedly.

This training was held on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at Klinik Medilab with Theme "Comprehensive Service Training” by trainer from National Institute, Mr Yohanes A D Purnomo, who has 35 years of experience in related background.

All employess were provided with Grooming and Etiquette at workplace. We learn about :

  • The newest tips and strategies in improving service capabilities in the field of Hospitality
    Industrial Service.
  • Know and be able to practice business etiquette immediately and how to look professional in
    our own respective fields.

The training itself used concepts of active learning activity in groups. All participants are commited to continously providing the best services to all customer of Klinik Medilab.

We, Klinik Medilab are ready to serve you.