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Industrial Hygiene Consultation

Industrial Hygiene Assessment and Consultation

Klinik Medilab provides professional, expert, unbiased information, recommendations and assistance to private-sector employers to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, prevent and control any exposures to occupational and environmental health hazards.

Our experienced industrial hygienists can help your company ensure that employees are not negatively impacted by workplace exposures which can cause long-term health implications that include toxic dust, noise, chemicals, gases and others.

We also provide industrial hygiene consultative services as requested, help your company to anticipate and recognize health hazards in your workplace, evaluate the potential risks, suggest approaches or options for controlling the hazards and reducing the risks, and offer training and education for you and your employees about occupational health hazards, exposure to environmental contaminants, and indoor environmental quality issues.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to address the hazards in your workplace and keep your workers safe and healthy.