About Us



Klinik Spesialis Anugerah Ibu has possessed experience in running an occupational health clinic in Medan since 1994. In 2002, we expanded and established MEDILAB as the first occupational health centre in Batam. Medilab serves various industries, including Manufacturing, Shipyard, Bank, Insurance, Hotel and Metal Fabrication. Radiation workers, Seafarer, Offshore,Oil and Gas company, Marine & Offshore Support, as well as those to be stationed overseas have also been examined in our facilities. To ensure the quality of management system, Medilab Clinic Achieved ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate in August 2019 and recertified every year.

Company Policy

We are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction through:
Solution for Customers’ Occupational Health
Timely & Accurate Result
Aim to Zero Customer Complaint
Reliable Cost
Services Enhancement by Innovation


To be the best and internationally recognized occupational health clinic


To deliver a prompt, qualified, certified, economic and reliable health examination service

Quality of Manpower

The clinic is professionally run by Doctors holding Master Degrees in Occupational Health, Doctor Master Degree In Occupational Medicine, Occupational Health and Industrial Hygienic Doctors, Seafarer Medical Examination Doctors, Oil & Gas UK registered Doctors, Medical Review Officer, Radiologist, Clinical Pathologist, Internist, Surgeon, Cardiologist, E.N.T Specialist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Psychologist, Radiographers, Radiation Protective Officer, Laboratory Analysts, Bachelors of Occupational Health and Safety, Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and administrators, who are always ready to give the best advices and solutions for occupational health of your company.

To update the quality of knowledge, we always attend seminars and trainings that are held by Indonesia Medical Association, Indonesian Medical Association for Occupational Health, Indonesian Health and Safety Association, Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association and other institutions, as well as the ones held by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Sea Transportation, in National scale or International scale such as ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health), OGUK (Oil & Gas United Kingdom), Academic of Occupational & Environment Medicine, Malaysia and others.


  • One stop Examination. The test is completely undergone at Klinik Medilab
  • Prompt and Accurate. Medical result can be obtained one day after the examination
  • Database programme. All employee health data is stored in the database program making it easier for companies to monitor employee health from year to year
  • Medical check and its reports are in accordance with the laws and regulations that can be used as material for national audit (SMK3) or international (ISO)
  • To assist to Diagnose Occupational Disease and General Illness for the purpose of compensation or further treatment
  • Giving advice and solutions also prevention or health promotion program
  • Free consultation to every abnormality if found in the examination
  • Free transportation from company to clinic


Health Risk Assessment:
Items of medical examination are selected based on occupation and work environment

One site medical examination:
We bring our medical team and the required services to your doorstep with our fully equipped mobile unit, including x-ray, audiometry, spirometry, electrocardiography and treadmill. This is very profitable for company because it can prevent lost working hours and transportation costs.

Quality of Equipment

All equipment is annually calibrated and operated by certified professionals.