The Indonesia Marine & Offshore Expo (IMOX) 2023 is an international maritime and offshore event that brings together a majority of international companies engaged in shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. It was held on August 1-3, 2023. Radisson Golf & Convention Center Hotel was designated as the venue for this prestigious event. The Expo was attended by various leading maritime and offshore companies, as well as professionals and industry employers interested in expanding their insights and networks. Among them are Klinik Medilab & Lablink, business units of PT Oshindo Medika Pratama.

As a pioneer of Occupational Health Examination Center for Workers in Batam, Klinik Medilab has been certified to provide health examinations for maritime and offshore workers, including IMO/BKKP, ILO, Panama Maritime Authority, MPA Singapore, Marine Department Malaysia, OGUK, Petronas, and others. Lablink itself is accredited with KAN 17025:2017 as a Work Environment Testing Laboratory. Lablink is capable of testing 5 potential hazards in the work environment: Physical, Chemical, Biology, Ergonomics  and Psychology, in addition to Hygiene and Sanitation.

Through the IMOX 2023 event, the involvement of Klinik Medilab & Lablink emphasizes that workforce health is inseparable from the health of the work environment. Thus, the company not only provides high-quality health services to workers and work environment but also becomes an integral part in realizing a sustainable and superior maritime and offshore industry.