Medilab Clinic held a health seminar on Saturday, April 2018 at Best Western Premier with the theme “Indonesian Women, Recognize and Prevent Cervical Cancer as Early as Possible” with the speaker, dr. Nida Sufrida, M.Kes SpPA. This seminar was held because of our concern, especially for women, in order to prevent the occurrence of early cervical cancer which is very deadly.

In Indonesia, the Ministry of Health noted that cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer after breast cancer. Every year, there are about 40,000 new cases of cervical cancer detected in Indonesian women.

Out of concern for preventing cervical cancer in the future, Medilab Clinic urges women in particular to prevent cervical cancer through early detection with pap smear examination and HPV vaccination, because healthy and strong future generations will be born from healthy women.

The seminar participants were very enthusiastic about asking questions related to cervical cancer during the discussion session. To enjoy this seminar, Medilab Clinic provides an attractive and very useful main door prize. The main door prizes given are Pap smear and HPV vaccine for 1 person each.

Medilab Clinic hopes that the knowledge that has been conveyed can create awareness of personal health and share knowledge for relatives, friends and family to be disseminated and create a sense of mutual care to prevent cervical cancer.

Medilab Clinic can also be your partner in early detection and prevention of cervical cancer by serving customers in pap smears and HPV vaccination for women and men. Let’s prevent early cervical cancer.