The Importance of Pre-Marriage Examination

Getting married is a very special moment. Every couple who wants to get married must prepare all the needs of this historic day from a long time ago. One thing that cannot be avoided from marriage preparation is a pre-marital medical check-up.

What is a premarital medical check-up?

Pre-marital screening check-up or pre-marital test is actually not much different from medical check-up because the purpose is both to find out a person’s health condition

This pre marital screening check-up or pre-marital test provides benefits to prospective husbands and wives who plan to have children to anticipate the worst possibility of certain diseases. This step will also make you and your partner open to each other with each health condition.

When is the best time to have a prenuptial examination?

Actually, a premarital medical check-up can be done at any time, but the recommended time for submitting an examination should be 3-6 months before the wedding.

So that if a health problem is found, medical action can be immediately taken to the prospective bride so that the risks that may arise (both to the spouse or future child) can be minimized.

Before getting married, check yourself and your partner for a healthy future!

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