Immune Booster Package

Immune booster injection is an injection or injection process that serves to help increase the body’s resistance to be strong against infection and not get sick easily.

Immune booster injection is done by injecting vitamin C into the body via intravenous (through a vein). Not only contains vitamin C, immune booster injections are sometimes also combined with vitamin B complex. The combination of several B vitamins at the same time strengthens the body’s resistance so that it can survive attacks by germs.

The Benefits of Vitamin C Injection

  1. Treats Vitamin C Deficiency
  2. Maintains the immune system
  3. Take care of the skin such as preventing skin aging, and disguise spots on the skin.
  4. Helps Build Collagen
  5. Inhibits Cancer Cells

The Impact of Vitamin C Deficiency

  1. Skin problems such as rough and dry skin
  2. Wounds are difficult to heal
  3. Skin bruises easily
  4. The body gets tired easily
  5. Bleeding gums
  6. Weakened immune system